Swedish 5 Channel Stove

Swedish 5 Channel Masonary StoveThis impressive stove is 5ft wide x 3ft in depth and 7ft 8in tall.

It weighs in at around 4 tons.

It is placed in the middle of a small stone cottage and heats the living room, kitchen, upstairs and provides all hot water.

The fire can be seen from both sides (back and front), the smaller window is for viewing only and does not open.

The fire box is 600cm x 400cm. There is an oven situated at the back.

A boiler can be installed should you wish to heat water from the stove.

The stove is finished in lime plaster with a slate mantle and hearth.

All iron work is bespoke made by a local blacksmith.






Swedish 5 Channel Stove - with Oven Swedish 5 Channel Stove from the side