Masonry Stoves

Tiled Russian Masonry StoveThis particular stove has been built into an existing fire place in a stone cottage. The stove does not sit directly against the wall, there is a small ventilation gap between the wall and back of stove to allow warm air to be convected into the room.

It is made from Aluminium Silicate (refractory concrete) and is 34 ins wide, 22 ins in depth and 46 ins high.

The completed stove sits higher again depending on the height of the plinth. It has been tiled in natural stone (Travistine) and weighs approximately one ton.

Traditionally these stoves would be free standing however this stove has been built over an existing fire place on a stone gable wall.



new masonry stove

Masonry Stove    Diagram of masonry stove construction   Back of Masonry Stove

This stove is 5ft 2ins x 49ins x 29ins. It is made up of 210 clay bricks and  approx 750kg  refractory concrete. The door is steel and glass.
There is 10ft of heat exchange channel ( or chimney) which can be cleaned via one of the three soot boxes on the sides.
It has a slate top.
The rear of the stove heats another room, as seen in the right-hand picture.
Can be seen working in our workshop in Dumfries and Galloway.