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Masonry Stove with tilesA masonry stove is a large wood fired heating system that is the newest "old way" of warming your home.

There are hundreds of designs from various countries and range from basic heaters to ornate tiled centre pieces. This particular type of stove has its origins in Russia, Scandinavia, Northern Europe and in recent decades, North America and Canada.

Early stoves were made of stone, clay or clay brick and more recently of refractory material and machined soap stone.


What Are The Main Advantages Of Masonary Stoves?

They do not need a grate as the wood burns directly on the stove floor.

External walls are only warm to the touch and so are safe with children around.

The stove can hold heat for 12 hours or more.

Minimal heat is lost through the chimney compared to a traditional open fire.

There are no odours or dust.

Ovens, water heaters and hot plates can all be built into the stove.Russian stove

With rising fuel costs, heating a home with oil or gas can be very expensive.

A masonry stove burns wood, which is a renewable source of energy.

They are safe, healthy, economical and kind to the environment.

It's nice to know you are coming home to a warm house!


Prices Start from £5000.00